The Gentleman's Collection


An Old Hurley Pen Shoppe Signature Collection, this product features one of our famous bolt-action pens, "The Dunn," accompanied by a classic safety razor, both turned from authentic Hudson Valley deer antler.

The pen's handsome chrome and rose gold hardware features a rifle clip, bolt-action retractability, and bullet tip/cap. Although some men prefer to showcase the razor for display only, it is entirely functional, opening up to fit standard razor blades for a clean and comfortable shave via the twist-knob at the bottom of the unit. This collection is a perfect gift for the hunter or sportsman in your life. It makes an unforgettable father's day or birthday gift for someone to enjoy for years to come. Ultimately, this item honors the timeless connection between man and nature, supporting the continued enjoyment of age-old traditions.

Please note that due to the nature of antler turning, each piece will vary slightly in appearance, displaying the unique texture and curvature of the animal. The production of this pen is made possible by our connection with the local hunting community and supply is limited upon availability.

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